‘Suits for show, skins for a pro’ ;-) Stuart Hacker #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  28th April 2016

The title is a joke! Need to make that clear from the start. Swim the English Channel – That’s it – That’s the dream right there. I am signed up to achieve my dream in September 2017 and everything I do from now until that day is about increasing my chance of success. Whilst browsing […]

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Open Water Training – Fern Davies #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  15th April 2016

I often get asked what training consists of for open water swimmers and how we manage to train through the winter in the UK.  A second question I almost always get asked from those who have never trained for an open water race is, “do you not get bored?” Hopefully this blog article will show […]

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LP Swims P2P – Laura Picardo #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  7th April 2016

LP Swims P2P On July 9, 2016 at 04:00 U.S. Eastern Standard Time, I am plunging into the chilly, dark, and foreboding waters off of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and plan to not set foot on land until I swim 19 miles to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Nineteen miles of salty water, waves, eating every 30 minutes in the […]

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Easter weekend races, in Portsmouth – Sam Crabtree #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  1st April 2016

As a competitive youth swimmer I train and compete in the pool all year round whilst looking forward to the relatively short open water season throughout the summer.  At the moment I am training and competing for ‘in the window’ times1 that are fast enough to secure a place at either the British Summer Nationals […]

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