What’s On the Menu? – Laura Picardo #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  20th May 2016

I am taking a page out of fellow #TeamSelkie marathon swimmer Stuart Hacker’s playbook, and writing an informative post on a technical component of marathon swimming. Today’s hot topic: nutrition during a swim, commonly referred to as “feeds.” Feeds are are not one size fits all by any means! Some types of feeds will work […]

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Oxford to Henley 50 mile swim – Katia Vastiau #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  12th May 2016

Working out how to best use my time to prepare for a very long swim? With the main cold swim events done for the season (yes, I know it’s been a while since I started writing this blog 4 weeks ago but to be fair, the water temperature hasn’t felt much spring like yet), I’m […]

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Club la Santa spring training – Becky Horsbrugh #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  6th May 2016

On a cold, miserable and gloomy day in February I came across a link on twitter for a triathlon training camp in Lanzarote. I was immediately tempted. I last did a triathlon in 2009 but since then have mainly concentrated on open water swimming. Not racing, but travelling to exciting places for iconic swims such […]

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