My experience with failure – Alina Warren #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  22nd December 2016

Any sport, let a lone an extreme one, comes hand in hand with failure. In theory it’s easy to understand, but to accept it poses far more difficulties. I felt this may be a topic that many people had experienced, even within training, but not one that’s touched upon enough. I was the first person […]

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Winter Swimming – the season starts below 10C – Bryn Dymott #teamselkie

#TEAMSELKIE  19th December 2016

For many open water swimming is a summer activity.  Some swimmers talk about the season, often linking this to a triathlon schedule of swimming from April to late September.  Increasingly swimmers are challenging and changing the definition of the season. My open water season lasts 12 months of the year and has done since 2010, […]

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Becky’s big setback – Becky Horsbrugh #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  14th December 2016

My last decent swim was on September the 1st. Around 6pm to be more precise at my regular outdoor swimming venue, the beautiful West Reservoir in Hackney, London. It was a sunny and serene day. I completed a quick 3-4 kilometres and was feeling confident with my progress in the water. I felt fit and […]

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Recognition & 100×100’s at Charlton Lido – Nick Murch

#TEAMSELKIE  12th December 2016

Recognition comes in many forms. Eve of Christmas 2015, I swam 100x100m after seeing that Mark Sheridan and a group of 4 friends had done this a few days previously and I recognised the worth of this sort of training. Consequently I have recognised that one of the original 5 passed away whilst training on […]

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