GALILEE – When things don’t go quite to plan – Stuart Hacker #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  21st January 2017

Galilee is a truly inspirational place and is steeped in History. The Sea of Galilee is referred to by Israeli’s as Kinneret which is Hebrew for ‘Violin’ and references the shape of this lake. Many biblical tails tell of miracles and walking on water in this place, but I was to swim it! Track of […]

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Night Swimming – Sam McNair #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  13th January 2017

In cooler months, I train indoors in a competition pool at the university where I work. But from late March to early November, I train in a small lake about 10 minutes from my house atop the Cumberland Plateau here in Tennessee. It’s private, very secluded, and insanely beautiful. I usually have the water to […]

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The Lido, the Beach and The DryRobe: A Story for Swimmers

#TEAMSELKIE  12th January 2017

This festive period I have had the pleasure of joining in three fun charity swims to break up some of the Panetonne eating and mulled wine drinking. This was a nice break from the usual training I’ve been avoiding doing and also meant I managed to feel slightly guilty indulging. The Steve Wand memorial Swim […]

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