Fighting Demons – Stuart Hacker – #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  28th June 2017

I am a natural cynic and base my life around facts and evidence. In just over two months, I will be swimming to France and the weight of this challenge is looming very large. One of the things I love about swimming is the solitude – You have so much time to think. One of […]

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Nutrition in Long Distance swimming: Bonker’s behaviour? – Nick Murch – #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  16th June 2017

There is little less in endurance sport that divides opinion as much as the subject of nutrition. So I thought I would put my feelings down to enable others to benefit from what I have learned in my open water swimming and medical career to date. I have done three recognised extreme marathon swims and […]

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LP Swims NYC – Laura Picardo – #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  13th June 2017

I never thought that I would live and work anywhere in New York City. Sure, I loved to come into the city to go see plays or visit the Museum of Natural History or take the bus with my dad to spend the day at work with him (that was always my favorite), but it […]

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