Swim teaching in Bangladesh – Becky Horsbrugh – Team Selkie

#TEAMSELKIE  27th July 2017

As I’ve outlined in previous blogs, last year I was a bit ill for several months. I spent a great deal of time recuperating at home before returning, finally, back to work and some semblance of a normal life (and a return to swimming). That gave me plenty of time to think about what I […]

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Not medical advice – just some things to think about – Nick Murch – #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  18th July 2017

This is not medical advice, just some of my musings. It is not 100 exhaustive but may be useful. Medical things to be aware of whilst preparing / training / for medical sign off. Declare anything of relevance to the person signing your medical and in self declaration for event. In particular, in line with […]

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Finding the love for swimming – Alina Warren – #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  6th July 2017

I have recently found a love for the open water, but I have been swimming out in the open water for years. Surely somebody who commits over 12 hours per week to something must love it. Of course – I have motivation, but I lost the love. Open water swimmers are considered slightly mad, and […]

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How Far I’ll Go – Laura Picardo – #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  3rd July 2017

This journey began on November 14, 2011, when I jumped into a rundown pool at the Bally‚Äôs Total Fitness in Koreatown. My goal was simple: swim the half mile Brooklyn Bridge Swim on July 15, 2012. After my first open water clinics and practice race with a group in New Jersey and a successful day […]

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