There is a first time for everything by Matthew Davenport

#TEAMSELKIE  20th September 2018

August has been a scorcher, weather wise and swimming wise, for me.  Whilst the sun has been burning through my factor 50 sun cream, I have been burning through swimming achievements. There are many things I achieved in the month of August that I had never achieved before, either because I had never had the […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Matthew Davenport

#TEAMSELKIE  18th September 2018

I’m Matty, I’m 44  and I live near Chester. I’ve worked in the homelessness sector for over twenty years and I swim mostly to relax and let go of the stress my job brings. I learned to swim at school but never took it up until 2 years ago. I swim outdoors all year now, especially […]

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My happy place by Stephen Peters #Teamselkie

#TEAMSELKIE  13th September 2018

Hi my name is Stephen and I’m a Passionate, slightly obsessed open-water swimmer. I have swam from very early age and can never resist the temptation to jump in pretty much any tempting water in sight. About 6 years ago I really got into open water swimming and started competing. Coming from a surfing background […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Stephen Peters

#TEAMSELKIE  11th September 2018

I’m Stephen, I’m 40 and I live in Chichester on the South Coast. I’ve always lived by the sea and I’ve been swimming and enjoying watersports for as long as I can remember. Instagram – @surferswimmerstephen Facebook – Stephen Peters What excites me about swimming? The Adrenalin rush I get before I embark on a […]

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