TeamSelkie Bios – Zoe Tridgell

#TEAMSELKIE  30th October 2018

I’m Zoe, I’m 28 and I live in Buckinghamshire. I am a bonafide water baby and look for any excuse to be in the water.   As Van Morrison says “smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly”.    Facebook – Zoe Tridgell   What excites you about swimming?  For some, swimming is […]

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Saving lives through swim teaching by Becky Horsbrugh

#TEAMSELKIE  22nd October 2018

I guess one big difference between myself and the other fine Team Selkie members is I am not so proficient in the water, but much of my water based work is helping others, particularly in the area of drowning prevention. As I have detailed in previous blogs, I usually concentrate my work on Bangladesh. But […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Becky Horsbrugh


I’m Becky, I’m 49 and I live in London. I am a swimmer and a swim teacher too. I work as a journalist but I spend a lot of my spare time working and supporting drowning prevention programmes and schemes.   Facebook – Becky Horsbrugh Twitter – @BeckyRLH Instagram – @beckyrlh What is it about the water […]

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My arctic circle swim by Di Heelas

#TEAMSELKIE  18th October 2018

At the start of the year, suffering from post-Christmas blues and needing a challenge, I did what any sensible person would and entered the Arctic Circle Swim: www.swimac.eu What on earth is it? Well it’s actually two separate swims : both take place just inside the Arctic Circle in the River Torne, which separates Finland […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Di Heelas

#TEAMSELKIE  16th October 2018

I’m Di, I’m 46 and I live near Oxford. I’m a mum and I love swimming outdoors  and all things watery. Facebook – Di Heelas Instagram – @diheelas   What do you love about swimming and the water? Swimming gives me the space to catch my breath. I love the solitude but also the friendship […]

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What a difference a tide makes by Stuart Hacker

#TEAMSELKIE  10th October 2018

All of the best stories have more than one chapter! I have been searching for a quote to sum up my feelings after finally becoming a Channel swimmer… Look no further than Chuck Norris : “I’ve always found that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you’ve got to have that […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Stuart Hacker

#TEAMSELKIE  8th October 2018

My name is Stuart Hacker, I’m 41, I live near Northampton and  I have a healthy obsession with Open Water swimming! I swam competitively as a boy and rediscovered my love of the sport 5 years ago. Twitter – @Shacker1 Facebook – @StuChannelswim (Stu Hackers Channel Swim) Instagram –  shacker77 What is it about open […]

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Aquatic adventures by Mollie Pearse

#TEAMSELKIE  3rd October 2018

I’d say that many of us had some experience of swimming lessons as children. It is a life skill of great value! I recall swimming at Beckenham, I swam at Beckenham, rather than for Beckenham…my brother swam for Beckenham and was extremely good. I think he was in the GOLD squad, my class didn’t even […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Mollie Pearse

#TEAMSELKIE  2nd October 2018

I’m Mollie, I’m 32 and I live in London. I am all about mountains, nature and outdoor spaces. I will be somewhere between work and planning an adventure and always within a fabulous tribe of people. Twitter – @molliepearse Facebook  – Mollie Anna Pearse Instagram – Molliep123 What excites me about swimming? I feel most […]

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