Middle Wild Swimming Brother Calum took our field jacket to Japan!

#TEAMSELKIE  19th December 2018

Packing for a trip to Japan was proving to be rather tricky, along with all the usual outdoor and swimming gear I needed a jacket that would serve me well in a multitude of areas, high altitude peaks and mountains in Fuji Lakes, strolling around bustling metropolises in Tokyo and Kyoto and deeper south in the […]

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Breaking the ice by Matty Davenport

#TEAMSELKIE  5th December 2018

We had a very hot summer in the UK and I struggled to keep cool in the heat.  Going for a swim to cool off became an essential part of the day – morning and evening.   Most of my friends were loving the heat and the sunshine, working on their tans when they could, wearing their summer clothes and showing […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Sam McNair

#TEAMSELKIE  4th December 2018

I’m Sam, I’m 56 and I live Tennessee! I’m in pretty good shape now, but before my fiftieth birthday, I was overweight, hypertensive, and motivationally challenged. In 2013, a swim coach friend convinced me that swimming could get me back on track. He coached me, trained alongside me, and got me ready to compete at […]

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