Go-vember by Matthew Davenport

#TEAMSELKIE  10th January 2019

No-vember is very definitely the time of year when most people start to say ‘No’ a lot more than they do at any other time of year. “No, it can’t be that time of year already” “No, it’s too early to put up the Christmas tree” “No, that water is far too cold to be […]

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Breaking the ice by Matty Davenport

#TEAMSELKIE  5th December 2018

We had a very hot summer in the UK and I struggled to keep cool in the heat.  Going for a swim to cool off became an essential part of the day – morning and evening.   Most of my friends were loving the heat and the sunshine, working on their tans when they could, wearing their summer clothes and showing […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Sam McNair

#TEAMSELKIE  4th December 2018

I’m Sam, I’m 56 and I live Tennessee! I’m in pretty good shape now, but before my fiftieth birthday, I was overweight, hypertensive, and motivationally challenged. In 2013, a swim coach friend convinced me that swimming could get me back on track. He coached me, trained alongside me, and got me ready to compete at […]

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A week in the wonderful world of open water swimming (and a few postcards) by Katia Vastiau

#TEAMSELKIE  29th November 2018

Let’s rewind to one summer ago, when I found myself in mid-July, on crutches, non load-bearing for the next 10 months, with a heavily bandaged knee in a Robocop style knee brace ; not the sort of circumstances I tend to welcome, even if the last few years had given me plenty of crutch practice… […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Katia Vastiau

#TEAMSELKIE  27th November 2018

I’m Katia, I’m still 45 for a bit and I’ve lived in Oxford for the past 22 years. I only learned to swim when I was 10, but I was hooked straight away and at the age of 14 I joined a large club in Brussels and went on to swim for Belgium between 1987 and […]

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Ditching the wetsuit!

#TEAMSELKIE  20th November 2018

I really can’t believe I’m writing this…but after some pretty awesome days spent with my fellow #teamselkie mates late summer, I was inspired to ditch my wetsuit and see how far I could go into the season (and even perhaps all the way through) without it. Now this is a really big deal for me, […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Alina Warren

#TEAMSELKIE  15th November 2018

My name is Alina Warren and I’m 25. I grew up in Shropshire, a little landlocked and a world away from the watery life I lead now. I have lived in Aberystwyth, off the coast of West Wales for around 7 years, much more suitable for sea training! Facebook – Alina Warren Twitter – @AlinaRWarren […]

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Adapting to the world around me by Andrew Horsfall-Turner


Since my last blog, so much has changed in a short period of time. One thing however, has not changed : my love for swimming and racing outside in seas, lakes, rivers or docks. Over the last 12 months  I have begun to focus on the world of multisport events and more specifically triathlon.  Triathlons are traditionally an […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Andrew Horsfall-Turner

#TEAMSELKIE  13th November 2018

  Hi. I’m Andrew, I’m 24 and live in Swansea, Wales.   Twitter – andrewht1 Facebook – Andrew Horsfall-Turner Instagram – Andrew_h_t   What is is about open water swimming that gets you? I feel alive being physically active and embracing the outside. The biggest passion I have is for outdoor swimming which I do […]

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My circular swim by Craig Robertson

#TEAMSELKIE  7th November 2018

‘The water was dragging me out from the side, I was going to be sucked under, I couldn’t let go of the side of the pool.’  – My first memory of swimming lessons at Slough Community Centre pool (Olympic size). Every Friday after school, I quickly learned to let go, helped by the fantastic old ladies […]

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