There is a first time for everything by Matthew Davenport

#TEAMSELKIE  20th September 2018

August has been a scorcher, weather wise and swimming wise, for me.  Whilst the sun has been burning through my factor 50 sun cream, I have been burning through swimming achievements. There are many things I achieved in the month of August that I had never achieved before, either because I had never had the […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Matthew Davenport

#TEAMSELKIE  18th September 2018

I’m Matty, I’m 44  and I live near Chester. I’ve worked in the homelessness sector for over twenty years and I swim mostly to relax and let go of the stress my job brings. I learned to swim at school but never took it up until 2 years ago. I swim outdoors all year now, especially […]

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My happy place by Stephen Peters #Teamselkie

#TEAMSELKIE  13th September 2018

Hi my name is Stephen and I’m a Passionate, slightly obsessed open-water swimmer. I have swam from very early age and can never resist the temptation to jump in pretty much any tempting water in sight. About 6 years ago I really got into open water swimming and started competing. Coming from a surfing background […]

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TeamSelkie Bios – Stephen Peters

#TEAMSELKIE  11th September 2018

I’m Stephen, I’m 40 and I live in Chichester on the South Coast. I’ve always lived by the sea and I’ve been swimming and enjoying watersports for as long as I can remember. Instagram – @surferswimmerstephen Facebook – Stephen Peters What excites me about swimming? The Adrenalin rush I get before I embark on a […]

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Finding inspiration by Jon Greenwood #Teamselkie

#TEAMSELKIE  30th July 2018

It’s been a strange year training wise to this point : for the first time in many years I hadn’t set myself a major goal in terms of swimming events. Concentrating on getting stronger on dry land had left me somewhat rudderless in terms of direction in the water. It was unexpected, the lack of […]

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END-WET 2018 Race Report – By Sam McNair “Swimstory” #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  18th July 2018

People have asked me why I decided to swim 36 miles in one go. The answer is simple: Copeland is swimming it, so I have to swim it too. END-WET is the shorthand name for the Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test. It’s a 36-mile/58 km race on the Red River bordering North Dakota and […]

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‘The mermaid of the Bangla Channel’ – Becky Horsbrugh #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  15th February 2018

It’s not often a swim can make you a hero and an inspiration in another country. But that is exactly what happened to me recently after I successfully completed the 16km Bangla Channel swim in the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. In earlier blogs I have detailed my visit to the country last summer. Around […]

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Wye Wye Wye Delemaah – A review of the inaugural Wild Wye Swim – Nick Murch #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  1st December 2017

Wye Wye Wye Delemaah – A review of the inaugural Wild Wye Swim I saw the swim advertised online and applied in the window I saw the condition a wetsuit must be worn She was my wye swim As I found out skins were not fair I went out of my mind My, my, my, […]

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Digging deep for winter – Alina Warren #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  23rd November 2017

I don’t know how all my fellow swimmers feel, but as someone who is swimming through winter, nobody seems to want to join me! Winter swimming becomes a lonely cold place, and I have to start relying on my mind to carry me through training sessions. I rely much more on motivations such as food/warmth […]

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My big Marathon swim – Becky Horsbrugh – #TeamSelkie

#TEAMSELKIE  15th November 2017

My big Marathon swim If someone had said to me six months ago how about swimming 10 kilometres in a pool, my response would have been along the lines of not on your nellie, or something less polite. However after deciding to do a 16 kilometre swim in Bangladesh in January I realised there were […]

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