TeamSelkie Bios – Andrew Horsfall-Turner

#TEAMSELKIE  13th November 2018


Hi. I’m Andrew, I’m 24 and live in Swansea, Wales.



What is is about open water swimming that gets you?

I feel alive being physically active and embracing the outside. The biggest passion I have is for outdoor swimming which I do as much as possible in the summer (I’m a bit of a cold water wimp!). I like to do events that challenge me physically such as the Redbull Neptune Steps in Glasgow (2C water!) and now multi-sport events such as Half Ironman’s. My passion has also slips into my career, as I am a Swimming coach at the City of Cardiff Swimming Club.


Any plans for 2019?

I did quite a few events this year, including Neptune Steps, The Swim of the Long Course Weekend, several triathlons and triathlon relays.

Next year I plan

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