TeamSelkie Bios – Craig Robertson

#TEAMSELKIE  6th November 2018

I’m Craig, I just turned 50 and I live in Weybridge , in Surrey.

What makes me feel alive?

With open water swimming it’s the lack of boundaries, it’s free, natural and has no rules, this can not be said of many things in 2018. It can be cold, warm, clear, salty, murky, fun and or a struggle but its always wet and memorable!

What was 2018 like and do you have any plans ?

As I turned 50 this year I wanted to swim my longest swim to date the ‘Dart 10K’ event, having only ever swam 4K in open water previously this felt quite a challenge, but it was super enjoyable! I participated in some other lesser distance events but the most dramatic was a swimming/boat holiday with family and friends in Lake Powell which straddles Arizona and Utah. Set against a quite stunning backdrop of red rock that soars high into the sky its like swimming on Mars!

I hope to keep expanding my community of swim friends to learn of new locations and have wild swim experiences together!


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