TeamSelkie Bios – Nicholas Murch

#TEAMSELKIE  21st September 2018

I’m Nick, an internalist/ hospitalist in London who partakes in marathon swims without a wetsuit in my ‘spare time’.
My background is one of pool swimming and beach lifeguarding as a teenager, followed by 15 years playing water polo up to an International standard. More recently I have taken up open water and then marathon swimming, building on my tendency
to natural bioprene. I am well known to be build for comfort rather than speed.

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My successful marathon swims to date are:

  • Windermere one way swim (10 miles) 2015, 4hrs 36
  • English channel crossing (21 miles) 2016,  11hrs 40
  • Lake Geneva Signature 70 solo (fifth person to complete officially, 42 miles) 2016, 32hrs 46 with membership of the ’24 hour club’.
  • Swimming in conditions described as ‘unswimmable’ I had the award for most courageous swim of the season named after me.
  • North channel (Northern Ireland to Scotland, 21.5 miles), 2018, 11hrs 48 in waters 10 to 12 degrees (‘Number 53’).
  • Lake Geneva Signature 70 relay (four person, 42 miles) 2018, 22hrs 5 (new relay record)

What’s else are you passionate about regarding swimming?

I have an interest in helping others with their goals and I have crewed for channel swimmers and relays and I occasionally help out with the hugely successful Dover channel training beach crew. I have advised the Channel Swimming Association and Lake Geneva Swimming Association regarding medical forms and qualifying swims.

I am interested in the science behind open water swimming; trying to demystify some of the old wives’ tales. An area of particular expertise is my knowledge of nutrition for marathon swims, on which I have been invited to lecture a number of times.

This season and ambitions for 2019?

2018 has brought some unexpected highs including one of the earliest and coldest crossings of the North Channel (Donaghadee to Portpatrick) widely considered to be the hardest of the Oceans Seven swims.

I also managed to win the relative sprint of the British Long Distance Swimming Association Champion of Champions (South) event (5 then 3 then 1 miles).

Who know what the end of 2018 and 2019 will bring?

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