TeamSelkie Bios – Sam McNair

#TEAMSELKIE  4th December 2018

I’m Sam, I’m 56 and I live Tennessee!

I’m in pretty good shape now, but before my fiftieth birthday, I was overweight, hypertensive, and motivationally challenged.

In 2013, a swim coach friend convinced me that swimming could get me back on track. He coached me, trained alongside me, and got me ready to compete at USMS Spring Nationals within three months. Before that, I had never trained or competed in any sport. He taught me that each day, I could train a little harder, and swim a little further than I ever thought possible. That lesson… that coach… swimming… saved my life.



How’s 2018 been for you?

In 2018 I completed my biggest swim yet: END-WET 58km, Red River, Grand Forks, North Dakota US

I also made a trip to Europe where I swam in many location with many friends including:

  • The Otter Mile, Windsor UK
  • Thames Marathon 14km, Henley-on-Thames UK
  • Donegal Bay 4km, Donegal IE.

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