TeamSelkie Bios – Stephen Peters

#TEAMSELKIE  11th September 2018

I’m Stephen, I’m 40 and I live in Chichester on the South Coast. I’ve always lived by the sea and I’ve been swimming and enjoying watersports for as long as I can remember.

Instagram – @surferswimmerstephen

Facebook – Stephen Peters

What excites me about swimming?

  • The Adrenalin rush I get before I embark on a challenging swim, pushing my mind and body to its limits.
  • The thrill of catching a nice glide, body surfing back to shore with friends.
  • The feeling when I stop for a second and take in the vast views around me, treading water in the middle of the ocean, feeling completely free.
  • The excitement of discovering a new place to explore, to swim to, that so many people never will.

Water is my exploration, my fun, my Adrenalin rush and sometimes even my fear with its natural powers. But it’s my addiction – water makes me feel alive !

This year I had quite a few swims planned

  • Swim the Solent
  • Palace Pier to Pier Brighton (its an iconic fast 2.5k)
  • Thames Marathon
  • Salty Dog, Boscombe 3.8k
  • Lyme Splash, Lyme Regis to Charmouth 3.2k
  • Bude sea pool channel relay challenge
  • Swim around St Michaels Mount & Burgh Island with a few Selkies maybe

I am sure there will be lots more swims as I’m always thinking and coming across new events and great places to explore.

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