TeamSelkie Bios – Stuart Hacker

#TEAMSELKIE  8th October 2018

My name is Stuart Hacker, I’m 41, I live near Northampton and  I have a healthy obsession with Open Water swimming! I swam competitively as a boy and rediscovered my love of the sport 5 years ago.

  • Twitter – @Shacker1
  • Facebook – @StuChannelswim (Stu Hackers Channel Swim)
  • Instagram –  shacker77

What is it about open water swimming that makes you tick?

Open water swimming has added so much to my life and provides every emotion from joy to solitude. I am now a qualified Open Water Coach and looking forward to introducing others to this amazing sport. I have been lucky enough to complete some iconic swims including the Sea of Galilee, Windermere, Dover Champion of Champions and many others. My mission for 2018 was to Swim the Channel but I won’t be stopping there. This is a blue planet with so muchwater to explore!

Nothing Great is Easy!

2018 and 2019 ambitions?

For 2018 I had one ambition : to swim to France. And on the 21 August I did!!!

Next for me is to set up an endless pool swim centre at the Brixworth Country Park. I want to help others to follow their swimming dreams.

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