Alina Warren

My name is Alina Warren. I grew up in Shropshire, a little landlocked and a world away from the watery life I lead now.

I found the open water in 2009 after a family holiday in Scotland. My father was attempting to take me kayaking and I of course capsized, and ended up swimming to the edge. The following day a challenge was set…to swim across the lake. The lake was less than quarter of a mile long, and the struggle was real! My father must have seen something as the next day I was challenged to swim the length, and then every other weekend following he would drive me to a lake and we would set new challenges.

Swimming became more than a hobby very quickly and I found myself training in the pool most days and heading to the open water at every opportunity. A year later I decided to swim all 22 lochs in the Trossachs over two weeks. This gave me a thirst for challenges. Later came my first big challenge. One that nobody else had ever done. The Great Glen Way. 117Km across Scotland using Lochs and the connecting rivers.

I have a passion for unexplored water as well as white water and the challenges it poses.

Now living in Aberystwyth, I train long distance in the sea and for the first time, have decided to stay at a high training level through winter. My next big swim is being planned for the summer of 2017. It will be a new adventure and will present lots of new challenges for me.

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