Mäx Beer

I´m most happy when it´s outdoors, salty, somewhat choppy, between 12 and 18°C, with a few like-minded people around, at distances that many others would only drive by car.

Based in Austria with no direct access to the sea I started out with some lake-swimming and doing triathlons, my first proper marathon swim was in 2014. Ever since then I just don´t want to stop:
Lake Zurich, Manhattan Island Relays, Lake Attersee, Lake Constance (width), Lake Wörth (double), Lake Weissensee (double), Windermere, Cork Distance Week,… and I swam the English Channel (12:03) and from Jersey to France in a new record-time (6:32).

I also love to combine my passion for swimming with my passion for music by doing videos of my feats: https://vimeo.com/myswims …and this is what you´ll get here on my feed: loud videos of my future swimming-adventures –
Cork Distance Week, Round Jersey, Catalina, Manhattan…

Hope you enjoy!

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