Stuart Hacker

Stuart Hacker is a 39 year old father of two and is only happy when swimming in Open Water! Stuart’s obsession with the sport began two years ago following 20 years out of the water. Stuart Swam competitively as a boy and rediscovered his love for the sport after joining Transition Tri and entering many Open Water races with his team mates. It is Open Water that truly captures Stuart’s imagination and he has not looked back. Over the last two years, Stuart has competed in many races of varying distance and has now set his sights on some of the great Endurance swimming challenges. Stuart completed a solo ‘skins’ Windermere swim in the summer of 2015 (17.5 km) and it has proved to be the platform for some big challenges to come.

Stuart is now signed up for his ‘Everest’ – the English Channel. If successful, he wants to follow this with the Catalina channel, The Manhattan Island Marathon swim and many others (The list of ridiculous swims he can attempt is endless). 2016 will encompass lots of racing (without a wetsuit when rules allow) and cold water acclimatisation including Ned Denison’s brutal 80km cold water distance week in Ireland.

Stuart’s favourite quote is from Captain Webb – “Nothing Great is easy”

Some of my challenges in 2016 include:

  • Box End mass start swim series Start in April (3 events of 5km and the final 10km). I will miss one as it clashes with the Ireland distance week
  • June – BLDSA Champion of champions (June 18th) – 5 miles / 3 miles / 1 mile – Cold water and no wetsuit
  • Henley Classic – June
  • July – Ned Denison’s Distance week (80km including the 6 hour channel qualifier and the ‘Vibes and scribes’ race).
  • August – Bridge to Bridge.
  • I am planning a two way Windermere attempt in August 2016 as a long test swim
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